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You will find several machines, equipment and materials for using within the artisan chocolate shops, bakeries, confectionery shops as well as the catering area in our Shop.

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chocolate and baking

New B79-100-3T

Product no.: B79-100-3T

20,015.80 *
on Stock 999999

Chocolate mould, Napolitain 7,5 g, coffee bean

Product no.: G25-17105

12.50 *
on Stock 10

Chocolate mould, square 30 g

Product no.: G25-10334

12.50 *
on Stock 7

Chocolate mould, bar 120 g

Product no.: G25-10145-B13

11.89 *
on Stock 140

Chocolate mould, bar 20 g

Product no.: G25-14576-A18

12.50 *
on Stock 8

Chocolate mould, hemisphere

Product no.: G25-12463

22.02 *
on Stock 17

Chocolate mould, praline 9 g, round

Product no.: G01-0603

11.54 *
on Stock 12
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